Save any page as PDF


Wondering what PDF Mage is? You have come to the right place.

What is PDF Mage?

PDF Mage is a browser addon that allows you to save a web page as a PDF file and download the PDF to your device.

How do I use your addon?

Follow these simple steps:

  • — Find the PDF Mage addon in your browser addon gallery or follow the direct links on our main page
  • — Install PDF Mage; the PDF Mage button will be automatically added to the toolbar
  • — Navigate to the page you wish to save
  • — Click the PDF Mage button
  • — Wait a little bit; once the conversion is completed, your PDF file will be automatically downloaded

Does PDF Mage have any limitations?

Just a few. Saving the following types of pages is currently not supported:

  • — Pages containing frames
  • — Flash animation
  • — Pages saved on your local computer

How does PDF Mage work?

The addon sends the entire content of a web page you are viewing to PDF Mage servers that produce a nicely looking PDF file, and lets you download the file once it is ready.

So if I want to save a page as PDF, all its contents is uploaded to your servers. Is it secure?

We value the privacy of our addon users, and we try our best to keep the generated documents as secure as technology allows. The download link for every document is unique and cannot be guessed. The generated PDF is kept on our servers for 10 minutes after it is created. After that it is permanently deleted and becomes inaccessible to anyone.

Do you harvest any data from PDF files that your service produces?

No. As simple as that. We do not store any personal data we get in any way and do not share it with third parties.